"Fast Lap" competition in Pärnu Ring (Estonia) 2010.07.03  (Luettu 2417 kertaa)

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Hello time attackers!

We would like to invite Time Attack Finnish drivers to compete in competition at Pärnu Ring (Estonia) on July 3rd. The series are called "Fast Lap" and principal is the same as Time Attack - show your best lap time.
"Fast Lap" is very popular in Lithuania and this year it is moving along Latvia and Estonia as well.

You can compete with street and sport car. Roll cage is optional.
Tyres: street legal touring or semi-slicks. (Slicks in Open class allowed only).
Regarding engine displacement we have classes: A1600, A2000, A3000, A3000+, Open (cars with slicks or tube chassis cars)

There are two main sessions (30 and 20 minutes) to qualify 14 fastest drivers (regardless class) who get to the FINAL.
Meanwhile the classification for classes are counted in first two main sessions.
Open class drivers do not claim for Final.

It is expected to compete top time attack drivers from Lithuania and Estonia.There will be guests from Russia and Latvia too.

Short presentation our leaders:

Current leader Jonas Poskus driver of Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII (545 hp, 560 Nm).
16 years of phenomenon Mantas Neverdauskas Honda Civic B16/B20 hybrid (200 hp, 200 Nm) and lightweight chassis. Going second in the series.
Andrius Firantas with custom made Honda S2000. Stock internals, but 980 kg. give him advantage.

Highly modified Audi Coupe 620 hp is expected to show. There is no stock part there and parameters are 0-100km/h 3.2s, 100-0km/h 1.9s, 0-200km/h 9.3s, 200-0km/h 4.7s.

Interesting facts: in A1600 leads 13 years old boy with Honda CRX, he's junior kart driver. While A1600 class is practically occupied by Hondas, A3000 is "BMW class". "Fast Lap" 2009 year winner became Mantas Neverdauskas, just the day after last race he turned 16. He is professional kart driver as well - to Mantas belong Pärnu Ring record in BaTCC Baltic Open class (1:00.053).

The registration has already began. More information and registration you can find HERE. Pre-registration needed.

If you have any question, please ask here in forum, PM or just write me

Hope to see you in Pärnu!
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Video from last race in Bikernieki (Latvia):